Fractal City

Photography & Video interactive installation

Fractal City is a  photographic and video project, based on the landscape architecture in the territory which combines art and design. A personal and an introspective way to see the architecture and the territory across my personal intervention searching for new possibilities and dimensions. It is presented as an installation and it comes out with photographs as axis and the video as amplification of the scenic language. From 2007 I walk and I observe the richness of the cities and their buildings searching for their lines, colors, materials or textures beside of his reputation or creator but with the open mind and for my own inspiration and self-pleasure. I like to transform them and recreate them by keeping the original colours to change their original shapes with the technique of collage. I’m using also the video composition to have different narrative approaches from where to capture the beauty using my own interpretation of the aesthetic beauty of mandalas and fractal nature. I register and I appropriate images of urban architectural structures to transform them so that the observer/viewer can see a parallel universe. It is when we see the incompatibility of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional world disintegrating and creating a new kaleidoscopic reality. I create realities through games stimuli arouse the public so they can appreciate the beauty of fractals using the essence of buildings of different cities visited. We are used to the stillness of the cities and static breath, which is why I invite you to stop and observe to interact. The observer will see a different reality through new forms and areas inhabited by people decontextualized from everyday life to become an expression of unlimited beauty and organic fractal. City Series is from Ámsterdam, Berlín, Valencia, Madrid, Girona, Bilbao, Barcelona, Glasgow Londres.

Xavi Montojo