Home - Edinburgh International Festival

King´s Theatre- Edinburgh

HOME builds an entire house before your very eyes, and then explores how it turns into a home. With fixtures, fittings, and finally inhabitants
Actor, creator, magician and illusionist Geoff Sobelle won enormous praise for previous shows Flesh and Blood and Fish and Fowl in 2010, and the multi-award-winning The Object Lesson in 2014.
HOME is a moving meditation on the relentless passage of time, and a breathtaking spectacle of illusion, choreography, inexplicable construction and live documentary.
As whole house miraculously materialises around him, Sobelle explores how a home shapes the lives of those within it – from the humdrum rituals of showering, cooking and doing the washing, to the momentous events of births, deaths, even crazy parties.
With live troubadour tunes from Elvis Perkins and an ever-expanding crowd of residents past and future, HOME reveals how we’re haunted by previous inhabitants of our homes, and how we in turn will haunt those who come after us.

Geoff Sobelle Creator   Steven Dufala Scenic designer  Lee Sunday Evans Director  Elvis Perkins Original songs  David Neumann Choreographer
Stefanie Sobelle Dramaturg  Christopher Kuhl Lighting designer Brandon Wolcott Sound designer Karen Young Costume designer Steve Cuiffo Illusion designer Victoria Ross Props designer  Cast includes
Sophie Bortolussi Performer Josh Crouch PerformerJennifer Kidwell Performer
Justin Rose Performer Geoff Sobelle PerformerChing Valdes-Aran PerformerElvis Perkins Musician

Xavi Montojo