Edinburgh International Festival 2019

Edinburgh International Festival 2019

La Reprise Histoire(s) du theatre (I)


With six professional and non-professional actors, La Reprise sifts through the details of Jarfi’s murder, bringing together testimonies from the young man’s family, former partner, lawyers and even one of his killers. It asks what pushes people to become murderers, and how poverty and deprivation in a post-industrial city can lead inexorably to despair and violence.

La Reprise is a revelatory theatrical experience, both an unflinching examination of our darkest impulses and an exploration of the complex, cathartic power of theatre.


Milo Rau Concept & Director
Milo Rau & Ensemble Text
Eva-Maria Bertschy Researcher & Dramaturg
Anton Lukas Set & Costume Designer
Maxime Jennes & Dimitri Petrovic Video
Jurgen Kolb Lighting Designer
Jens Baudisch Sound Design & Technical Director
Mascha Euchner-Martinez Eva-Karen Tittmann Production Management

Creatives on Tour
Jim Goossens-Bara, Maxime Jennes & Moritz von Dungern Video
Sylvain Faye & Sebastian König Lighting
Pierre-Olivier Boulant & Jens Baudisch Sound
François Pacco Subtitles
Mascha Euchner-Martinez Tour Management

Cast includes Sara De Bosschere, Suzy Cocco, Sébastien Foucault, Fabian Leenders, Johan Leysen, Tom Adjibi

Supported by the Capital Cultural Fund Berlin, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Kulturförderung Kanton St. Gallen

Xavi Montojo